Meet Yvonne 
(aka Evon)  and her Daughter

I gained my PGCE over 25yrs ago and thrived in the Further Education Sector in the UK.  I was fortunate to have the opportunity to write deliver and manage the programs for Private Further Education Training Academy in UK and New Zealand. Teaching has been a huge part of my life for 25+ years and absolutely love it.  It has brought me so much joy and opportunties.  

I love the results that the NLP coaching (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) have on me, my daughter and the girls I am teaching/mentor. I have researched and dived deep into the mind; it's so empowering to learn about our emotions, feelings, behaviours and survival patterns that we gain throughout our life....... we become conditioned..... through our environment and our beliefs are formed.

The mind is so much more powerful than you can imagine! Our potential is HUGE!

I have been on my Personal Development (PD) journey since 2017 and PD has become a life long passion.  While on a Workshop in L.A with Mastin Kipp, I had an epiphany.... if I had had some of these tools and strategies when I was in school, I would have made some different decisions and been able to progress through life with more understanding, compassion and ease. 

I knew I had to share my knowledge and educate children on becoming more AWARE of who they are and why, they do the things they do. Learning about life's golden nuggets and for them to be able to explore their mind, thoughts, emotions fears and understand why they react v respond.  

We get conditioned and that conditioning throughout our life play a huge part in who we become.  Our beliefs are formed and can stop us progress to where we can thrive.  I want to educate your daughter on how to become her own BFF (her own hero) and help her with her fears and limiting beliefs while having heaps of FUN.     

Why tween girls?
My daughter was 8yrs when I started my PD journey and I realised very quickly that the strategies and tools I learned can and have Made A Difference in my daughters life too.  She was going through some huge challenges at 8 years old, it was a time where she was being challenged by friendships and being bullied a few times.  The tools and strategies helped us both make some huge changes in our lifes and begin to build our own trust and confidence in our self belief and trust in ourselves and let go of other peoples judgement. This helped her navigate through life with more understanding and knowledge of how she can cope with the daily challenges. The transformation over the days, months and years has been rewarding to watch. She grew into a into a confident, self aware, resourceful and connected tween; compassion is her Superpower. 

Having been on several PD seminars with Mastin Kipp, Tony Robins, Calvin Coyles and Eckhart Tolle to name a few, this was the beginning of something very special.... It's transformed my life, my daughters and now I would love the opportunity to transform your daughters too......