INNERmediates HERO Mindset 1 day Workshop

Tween Girls. Grade 5-8. Includes a V.I.Package valued @ $40+

This workshop can be added to
the Fundamentals or the ADvanced. 
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Mindset is the FUNdamentals to your daughter believing in her greatness, discovering her inner power and become her own BF to thrive in life.

Get ready to transform your daughters mindset, her INNER confidence and TRUST in herself.  

Through creative and experiential activities, your daughter will learn:
- to believe and trust in herself
- how to trust her intuition
- to let go of other peoples judgment and gain tools to help her move forward
- understand and set healthy boundaries
- to let go of limiting beliefs and explore her opportunities 
- understand her left brain v right brain
- understand how to align her energy and become grounded to create balance and calmness  
- recognise her habits that no longer serve her

And .... this is one of my favourite parts, your daughter will create her own word/acronym and engrave it on a bracelet to ensure she can see and feel it every day..... this is powerful and creates an anchor to help her with the challenges in her life

If your daughter is booked on the Hero Minds - FUNdamentals, the INNERmediates workshop can be added on to make it a 3 day workshop or simply attend the next available Hero Minds-INNERmediates workshop. 
Or you can add it onto the ADvanced Hero Minds Workshop.

My daughter loved the Hero Mindset Workshop, she learned some amazing empowering tools. Highly recommended. - Jo Picot

Yvonne is amazing and really helped my daughter come out of her shell, empowering her with the confidence to step out of her comfort zone and make some awesome changes to her mindset. We will definitely be attending again. I can't wait until my youngest is old enough to attend too.
- Gabriella Monaghan

Course Pricing

HERO Mindset Workshop -INNERmediates - 1 Day

$140 NZD

  • After attending the HM FUNdamentals, we can now dive deeper into your daughters confidence & connection within,

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