Free resources to support you and your Tween daughter through these challenging and rewarding times.  By understanding her mind, and why she can get so emotional and struggles to self regulate really helps you 'get her' in a way that will also allow you to connect with her more.  
The resources will help your daughter let go of fears and build the 7'C's: compassion, confidence, connection, creativity, certainty, curiosity & courage. 

This also encourages awareness and she will discover her superpowers that are already within her.  

You will both gain insight and tools & strategies to help navigate your daughter through the tween years and beyond.... helping her become more open & curious, be able to self regulate and so much more....

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3 Tools to help your Tween daughter with her Big emotions and fears

Tweens on the FUNdamental Hero Minds Workshop  voted these their 'go to tools'

7 Day Confidence & Awareness challenge for your daughter

The 7 Day Confidence & awareness challenge will open you daughters mind to new ideas and concepts.  It will give her tools and strategies to build her confidence, courage, creative thinking while helping her become more aware of her potential and help take her to her next level of greatness.  It will also help your daughter let go of judgement and limiting beliefs..... time to fly to her next level.

Get a BFF involved too and they can do it together and have heaps of FUN!!

Empowering your daughter
3 Part mini video series for Mums

Helping you help your daughter to believe in herself and become her own best friend....
You will be able understand why your daughter has emotional outburst, negative thoughts and why people judge. There are lots of tools and strategies to help navigate your daughter through these challenging, but exciting times. 

The wisdom and insight you'll gain will help both YOU and YOUR daughter to reach your NEXT level of greatness.

25 Page Grateful Journal for your daughter

Research has shown that if you keep a daily grateful journal you can become happier.  I created this journal for my daughter to encourage a daily ritual while gaining insights, wisdom and tools to use for every day life.

There is a mix of activities to help navigate your daughter through these challenging times and it creates a habit of seeing the things that she is grateful for - it's powerful!