Free 7 Day Confidence &
 Awareness Challenge

Supporting your TWEEN daughter
to reach her next level of


I WANT access to the challenge

Do something different today for your daughter.
This Challenge will do more than just build her confidence, courage and connection.  It will help your daughter discover more about herself and the opportunities that can eventuate. 


Whether your child has low confidence, good confidence or maybe she has great confidence in most areas but lacks creative thinking; or maybe you just want her to experience a new way of doing things to encourage her to be more resourceful or resilient, then the 7 Day Confidence Challenge will give your daughter(s) insight, tools and strategies to help cope with situations in their daily life while having FUN.

The challenge will take your daughter out of her comfort zone, encourage her to be open and curious, build her self AWARENESS while exploring and trying new  and fun concepts.  

Your daughter can do the challenge on her own, but I would encourage her to do it with a friend or family member to make it more fun or WHY NOT GET THE 
whole family involved.

Give your girl this awesome experience and start her on a journey of self discovery.  
The challenge will give her deeper understanding of the WHAT, WHY and HOW we can increase her awareness, confidence, curiosity and connection with herself.


Power pose
Be your own Hero and do the Power pose.

Harvard did a study on the power pose: if you stand
like Wonder Woman or Superman for 2 minutes it increases 
testosterone by 20% and drops cortisol by 18% (stress hormone). 
Which increases your chances of taking risky action by 33%

Facing fears
Working through fears brings a 

new level of confidence and trust in oneself.
  Go beyond the fear and GROW to level your daughter
never thought possible!!!
Our Mind is designed to keep us safe, 

we bring understanding and clarification 
on how to overcome her fears.  

Lets reflect on how far your daughter has come.
 Reflecting on the past month, 6 months and recording

her achievements in a journal
will boost  her confidence and help her thrive 

Super powers
We all have our own uniqueness.
By understanding what our superpowers are, we gain more confidence,

we are willing to be more open and curious to new insights and possibilities.
Different day
Lets get creative and mix things up.
We all get into habits and tend to do things the same way.  

Different day explores how we can do things differently, 
which opens our mind..... and encourages curiosity.

Cool to be kind
Kindness releases serotonin, the feel good chemical.
Being kind to others helps your daughter to feel a mental

or emotional benefit.  The feel good chemical helps regulate
our mood and can calm us down.

Juggling Judgement
By recognising and being more open to understanding the 

'how' and the 'why' people judge eachother,  
builds emotional intelligence and self awareness.........

Each day you will be able to access the specific challenge.  
The videos are about 6 minutes; apart from the first, which is around 10 minutes as it has an introduction too.  

The videos will go through the following: 
- an explanation for that particular challenge
- Fun examples and stories to help your girl grasp the concept
- confirmation of the challenge for them to take action on

Each challenge is designed to be completed within 24 hours, however, just do them when you get a moment.... maybe every 2nd day or build them up to do 2 or 3 in one day.  Hey you could even do it weekly and concentrate on that tool or strategy for a WHOLE week.