Empowering your daughter
to believe in her greatness, 
 discover her mind
crush her
 limiting beliefs....

MINDset is the 
FUNdamentals to 
your daughter
 becoming more 
confident, courageous 
and connected. 

#open #optimistic #opportunity

The HERO Mindset workshop will empower your daughter to believe and trust in herself. Start her on a journey of self discovery, manage her mind, tap into her superpowers and let go of limiting beliefs. Your daughter will become more optimistic as she begins to see the opportunities that surround her. We will guide and support her to be more aware and understand how she can become her own BFF; become her own Hero. Building her confidence, courage and connection... and become the awesome person she is....


This  7 day challenge will open your daughters mind to new ideas, it gives her tools and strategies to help build her confidence.
Designed with 8-12yr in mind, but all the family will enjoy taking part in this 7 day confidence challenge..... do something different today and encourage your daughter (and maybe her buddy) to take on the challenge.

UNIqUelY different


Finding 7 card game is a fun, unique, insightful and educational game.  Pre & tweens thrive on it, but all the family will enjoy it. Find your 7 cards first to claim your SUPERPOWER REWARD.  The green heart is always sought after and excitement reaches a new level when you get it. With lots of great life lessons along the way and different concepts to teach mindfulness and kindness.... this card game has it all going on.  The finale is the 8th wonder of the world as Albert Einstein . Heaps of fun, antics and laughs are sure to be had.  

Meet Yvonne Cameron

I am super passionate about Mindset, Personal Development  and 
Making A  Difference  (yep! I am  M.A.D

It  is my mission to educate   girls  on how  to manage their mind,
build their confidence to  become their own BFF

  We   help your daughter to access their  superpowers
to become more  courageous, resilient and resourceful.

I found my passion for teaching through an amazing Tutor that I had when I studied my HND in my home town Inverness, Scotland.  Mrs. Laura Watson  was the most inspiring, kind and supportive Tutor I've ever met. Thank You Mrs. Watson  for all the support and guidance you gave to your students who were very fortunate to have had you in their life.

I moved to Bolton, England to study my Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). This was the catalyst to 'awesome' new beginnings in my teaching and mentoring career.  I worked for Andrew Collinge Hairdressing and created, implement and manage NVQL3/MA training. Which then lead to my role as Deputy Training Manager.  The opportunities kept coming, and I was extremely fortunate to also work as an External Consultant through a Government initiate, creating resources for different Occupational areas for Modern Apprentices.  Which then lead to having my own Consultancy Business.

In 2004 it was time to fulfill another life long dream; to live abroad.....   I became the Training Manager for a Private Training Academy in Wellington, New Zealand......  

........... and even more diverse opportunities throughout my years after that. I'm loving my journey and my different roles in further Education, I am a life long learner and NLP practitioner.