Educational, UniQue and Fun Family card game

CARD GAME FOR KIDS and their family

Take your knowledge
 to the next level
UniqUely different,
lots of fun while
gaining, insights to life
 and self awareness .....


super extraordinary game
... ..

and there's a bonus for Pre & Tween girls

A 5 day 
Finding 7 Challenge
 girls grade 5-8 (8-12yrs approx)

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UNIqueLY differently card game - all the family will enjoy it
Quick thinking & strategic planning will help you gain different SUPERPOWERS to win the overall game..... the 'superpower Reward 8'... is the 8th wonder of the world.... a game changer!!
* A game of life - collect one of the 5 different concepts; 
     7 Hero Minds
     7 Numbers
     7 Sacred Teachings
     7 Life force Energy Centers
     7 Parrots 
and if you are the first to collect a set, you claim a SUPERPOWER!
*The cards  will give your child golden nuggets for life while having heaps of fun
*It opens their mind to new potential, possibilities and encourages them to think differently.... 
*Unique images, digital and creative art work by my daughter, myself and our winner of our 'Creative Superhero Design competition'.
* 7-107years old can play the game
* 2-6 players

Learn how to play Finding 7

Finding 7 card game is uniquely UNIque,
it touches on the 5 Personal development areas

Here's what kids said about Finding 7;

  • "It's the best card game I've every played"
  • "It's creative"
  • "I like the simplicity of it"
  • "It's easy to play and it's good for all ages"
  • "I like how it's about life and self esteem"
  • "I like the drawings and how they are home made"
  • "how much is it, my Mum will want to buy it"

We also have a  5 day F7 challenge for pre & tween girls

 Each video gives a brief overview of the 5 concepts:
7 Parrots
7 Hero minds
7 Sacred Teachings
7 Life Force Energy Centers
7 Numbers

The videos are around 5-10 minutes and have fun stories and insights.  The activities include:
- creative poems
- Fly high like an eagle
- Mindfulness
- Breathing techniques
- LP/Lucky number

Your daughter will also be given a 'mission' if they choose to accept it... there are 3 options for each missions to choose from, or maybe she will want to do them all...
- drawing
- writing
- meditation/breathing
- outdoor exploring
- creative journaling
- word searches

You will gain access to the Finding 7 Challenge 4 days after your purchase - this gives the card game time to arrive at your door. 

Your daughter can also gain a certificate at the of the challenge, she must complete all sessions.

AND we have prize draws for the girls who complete the challenge and upload 1 piece of their work for each of the 5 days ...

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