Finding 7 Card game + F7 Challenge for pre & tween girls

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Personal Development
card game for kids

Take your knowledge to a new

 level, build self awareness, 
claim your superpowers
while having heaps of fun 
with all the family  


Meet 'Super Lightening' he has super creative powers.

He will help you to:
* develop your creative mind
* think outside the square
* be more resourceful in your

J.Hawthorne (age 10yrs)

The F7 challenge can be actioned every day for 5 days or when ever you are looking to keep your daughter busy for anything from 7- 40+ mins depending on the challenge and the amount of time she wants to put into some of the activities,

If you want to connect with your daughter more, this is a fantastick activity for you both to do...

Or how about doing it with a sibling or friend at home or virtually to compare notes and drawings.

Using the 5 concepts from the card game, your daughter will be able to:

  1. 7 Numbers - Recognise the meaning of numbers and work out their Life path number
  2. 7 parrots - realise the importance of the power of NOW and be present in the moment.
  3. 7 LF Energy Centres - Recognise the LPEC and carrout 1-3 breathing techniques to calm the mind, body and soul
  4. 7 Sacred teachings - practice unconditional love and fly like and eagle
  5. 7 Hero minds - become their own Hero and build their confidence

Course Curriculum

Yvonne Cameron

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Finding 7 card game
the 5 day F7 Challenge

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  • Finding7 Card Game & Challenge for Pre&Tween girls
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    5 day challenge for pre&tween girls Each video is 5-10mins Mission/challenge activities - 3 to choose from Prizes

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