7 Superhero Traits Grateful Journal for Pre &Tween girls

grateful journal

help your child become their own hero

Do you want your daughter to become up to 25% Happier?

Studies show that people who have a daily ritual of recording what they are grateful for, CAN become up to 25% happier than those who don't.

Start your daughter on the journey of appreciation and gratefulness while having fun doing the activities and keeping a 'grateful journey'.

Creating gratitude habits is so important for our mental health.  

Our brains release dopamine and serotonin when we express gratitude. Which helps enhance our mood and makes us feel happy.

Start now by simply asking the family at dinner to state one thing they are grateful for and WHY? Or just before they go to bed.

Mother Daughter Time
You can have some special time with your daughter by completing the pages too.  

Or your daughter can complete one or 2 pages on her own or with a buddy.  

Perfect for some 'Personal Development' during the holidays.  

Designed for girls aged between 7-10yrs, but any age can complete the pages and FEEL the benefits

Have FUN

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