ONLINE Hero Minds workshop - FUNdamentals - for Pre & Tween Girls - Engage Excite Empower

6 x 1 hour Pre Recorded sessions (bite sized videos) ALL your Family & Friends can GROW & enjoy.

Get ready to transform your Daughters' mindset and help her GROW!  

Start her on a journey of self-discovery, self-awareness and self-esteem.  

Let's guide and support her toward her future self.... 

Watch her become the next level of her greatness ..... she has so much potential that is waiting to be discovered....

The Pre recorded ONLINE Hero Minds Workshop FUNdamentals will help your daughter:

 - understand her mind, thoughts, feelings and those BIG emotion
-  gain tools and strategies to help with her anxiety, worries, anger and fears
-  learn through games, activities, and a receive and workbook which is fun and engaging
- experience yoga, meditation, and creative work to center and guide her to calmness... and find her JOY
- her curiosity, courage, creativity and confidence to name a few
- discover her Superpowers and start to believe in herself more
- gain more certainty about her untapped potential .... 
- face fears - fear is FEEDBACK
- let go of those limiting beliefs...  we crush them... literally!
Excite - Engage - Empower

Pre-Recorded sessions 1-6

Session 1 when you sign up and the 5 subsequent sessions will be delivered 10 days after the last, giving you time to finish all videos and the activities, while giving your daughter time to practice, practice, practice.
Repetition is key to connecting those neurons to create new and empowering beliefs & habits.

Another very important part of their learning is a reflection on what is going well,  what isn't and any changes your daughter needs to consider.  PIVOT!

There is a quiz at the end of each of the 6 Sessions - she can take the quiz as many times as needed.  

This Hero Minds FUNdamentals gives you 2+ months of learning, videos, games and the PDF Workbook is a MUST to help your Daughter & Co flow through the workshop and gain more learning from the interactive sessions

Studies show it can take up to 66 days to create a habit.  We're aiming for many new and empowering habits to be formed over the 2 months and beyond.

The Habit tracker helps take care of this.  It shows your Daughter & Co progress, along with any patterns that become visible.  It's a great tool for anyone and all the family if you want create or stop habits.

The options are endless, from doing it on her own, with a buddy or family, or you can even do the workshop with a group of friends and decide if you want to do several videos at once.

On the paid versions, you have continuous access, so if you get behind, there is no pressure, just stay consistent with your daughter and complete the tracker.

There are 2 options:

Option 1
If you prefer to access session 1 before you Invest in the whole 6 sessions, then this option is for you:

1a. You can purchase Session 1 now and PAY what you want.... (limited time).

1b. There is also a FREE option for a very limited time and you will have 10 days to complete the 1hour session from signup.

At any point of viewing the FREE option, you can purchase the 1 or 6 sessions to have lifetime access (which may change in the future)

This a our first LAUNCH of the Pre-recorded ONLINE, so I wanted to make this session ONE accessible to EVERYONE that wants to support their Pre & Tween daughter through the transformation and begin to discovery her next version of herself.  

Your daughter will
- begin to realise (if she doesn't already) how amazing, creative & intelligent she is
discover a new way of facing fears, challenges and judgment from herself & others

Just click on the link above or below to invest and it will take you to the different Investment options.

Option 2
If you are ready to GO ALL IN NOW and invest in the FULL Package (all 6 sessions), 

you get to choose one of the 3 bonuses:

* Receive the V.I.P package for Free (valued at $57) Finding 7 Card game, Glasses: blue light blockers, an eye
   mask & journal (including P&P: limited supplies - the option will be removed once gone)

* 1:1 mentoring session with your daughter valued at $90 - Zoom call 
(in person may be available if you Live in Kapiti)

* Gift the ONLINE FUNdamentals to a friend for Free (or share the investment- only one person invests)

Once you have purchased, email me the bonus you want and I will do the rest.  

You will be given a code for your friend to sign up for the Free Investment workshop (she will not receive the bonus options)

Watch the videos anytime that suits your daughter, your family, or her buddy, or 'schedule' the time together.

Mother-Daughter TIME - momentous moments... GROW together!

You will receive all updates for the online FUNdamental workshops & at this point I am offering lifetime access to the paid version.

Even if your daughter has attended the FUNdamentals INPERSON or LIVE online workshop, these Pre Recorded sessions can be used revisited for revision, or do it all together as a family GATHERING TO GROW (you will get to experience a some of what your daughter did).  

It's a win-win situation x

The workshop is for your Daughter if you want her to:
  • Learn to be open & curious to doing things differently
  • Discover & build her existing Superpowers while gaining new ones
  • Gain insight, wisdom, tools and strategies to cope with those Big Emotions
  • learn to let go of her own & other people's judgment 
  • Trust in herself more and let go of disempowering beliefs
  • Find more joy, balance, acceptance and forgiveness.
  • learn about her MIND & start to re-train her brain to be her bestie

  • Even if your daughter has attended our Workshops in the past, the ONLINE version is a great way to revise her learning on her own, with familly or friends.   
  • Repetition .... Repetition .... Repetition
What your daughter will get up to in the Workshops

  • Explore what is Mindset
  • Meet our 7 hero minds 
  • Let's move our bodies to get ready to level up
  • Facing Fears - Tools & Strategies
  • Juggling Judgement 
  • Fun activities and Brain teasers
  • Thoughts & emotions
  • Yoga & Meditations
  • crushing limiting beliefs
  • Vision Boards
  • Stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things
  • bursting bubbles (the girls always love this one)
  •  and so much more

SESSION 1 ONLY - ONLINE Workshop: FUNdamentals


  • Start your daughter on a journey of self-discovery and let go of limiting beliefs so she can reach her next level

    • SESSION 1 ONLY - Try before you INVEST
    • FREE for a limited
    • access for 10 days after from sign up
    • Note: you can INVEST in session 1 or all 6 sessions for LIFETIME ACCESS
    • 1 hour session broken into 9 videos (around 6 mins)
    • Completing the workbook/activities will take around 90+ minutes
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SESSION 1 ONLY - ONLINE Workshop: FUNdamentals

$37 NZD

  • Start your daughter on a journey of self-discovery and let go of limiting beliefs so she can reach her next level

    • SESSION 1 ONLY - Try before you buy all 6 sessions
    • Pay what you want - 4 options
    • 1hr session: 9 videos (around 6 mins)
    • Completing the workbook/activities will take around 90 minutes
    • lifetime access
    • Your initial investment will be discount for the FULL session x 6 sessions
    • The FULL workshop must be purchased within 17 days of your initial sign up
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All 6 SESSIONS ONLINE Workshop: FUNdamentals

$197 NZD

  • Start your daughter on a journey of self discovery and let go of limiting beliefs so she can reach her next level.

    • INCLUDES V.I.Package value $57 (limited stock)
    • Finding 7 Card game
    • Blue Light Blockers & Case
    • eye mask for the meditations
    • journal & pen
    • postage included
    • or choose a 1:1 Online mentoring session
    • or gift the FUNdamental to a friend
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Testamonies from the INPERSON Workshops

Thank you so much for the last two days, Ellie came home on day one and said "I've has the best day of my life" and has since focused on being open and curious about everything.
Many Thanks and I'm so glad you exist! Empowerment and guidance for young girls is not on offer much these days. -Emma Leaver - (FUNdamentals;  Paraparaumu Alpaca Venue

My daughter loved the Hero Mindset Workshop, she learned some amazing empowering tools. Highly recommended. - Jo Picot

Yvonne is amazing and really helped my daughter come out of her shell, empowering her with the confidence to step out of her comfort zone and make some awesome changes to her mindset. We will definitely be attending again. I can't wait until my youngest is old enough to attend too.
- Gabriella Monaghan (FUNdamentals workshop)