1:1 Mentoring sessions x 3 for Pre & Tween girl

Quality time for your daughter to explore her mind & potential. We can work on her fears & big emotions or take time to set goals and create a plan.

Receive 1:1 mentoring session for your daughter.

You and your daughter will guide me to the area(s) she wants to work on. For example, working through fears, those big emotions and/or goal/intention setting and putting a plan.
It's MIND time to support her to reach her potential while working through some of her blocks and blind spots.

The sessions are tailored to her needs and after an initial discovery call, I put a plan together for your daughter.  
The sessions can include, but are not limited to:
- learning about the mind and our thoughts
- learning about emotions and our fears
_ learning about judgment and how to let it go
 - or revisiting these if she has already taken some of our Workshops
- meditation

After the sessions, your daughter will:
+ Have more confidence
+ Better self-esteem
+ Understand her big emotions
+ Gain tools and strategies
+ Gain insight & awareness, which would normally take her years & decades to learn
+ Let go of limiting beliefs and begin to thrive more
+ Let go of others and her own judgment and gain MORE FREEDOM

Course Pricing

1:1 Mentoring sessions for Tween girls

$270 NZD

  • Quality time for your daughter to explore her potential, work through fears or big emotions to reach her next level of greatness.

    • 1 x Bonus session
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