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Register your Pre &Tween Daughter for the 

Hero Minds Workshop below

1. Your daughters full name (and siblings IF attending too)

1b. What age is your daughter? Please detail her D.O.B

2. Has your daughter been introduced to mindset or personal development before? if yes, please give examples e.g. workshops, books or other 

3. Does your daughter currently have any tools or strategies to help them with fear or negative internal chatter?

4.  What 2 outcomes/changes would you like to achieve from the workshop for you daughter? 

5.  If I had a magic wand, what 2 things would you wish for - anything ....dream big? 

6.  A question for your daughter.
What 2 things would she like to change about their mindset, emotions, thoughts, behaviours and/or habits? 

7. Which Mindset Workshop are you registering your daughter on ...
1 - Hero Minds Workshop - FUNdamentals
2. The Premium Package - All 3 workshops: FUNDamentals/INNERmediates/Advanced + Mentoring 1:1 sessions + bonuses
3. Online Workshop

8. If you could give your future self some words of wisdom, what would they be?

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