HERO Mindset Workshop -Tweens - ADvanced 2 days

Pre&Tween girls. Includes a gift valued @ $40+

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Mindset is the FUNdimentals to your daughter believing in her greatness, discovering her inner power and become her own BF to thrive in life.

Thank you so much for the last two days, Ellie came home on day one and said 'I've had the best day of my life". and has since focused on being open and curious about everything.  
Many Thanks and I'm so glad you exist! Empowerment and guidance for young girls is not on offer much these days.
Emma Leavens - (FUNdamentals -
Alpaca venue)

My daughter loved the Hero Mindset Workshop, she learned some amazing empowering tools. Highly recommended. - Jo Picot

Yvonne is amazing and really helped my daughter come out of her shell, empowering her with the confidence to step out of her comfort zone and make some awesome changes to her mindset. We will definitely be attending again. I can't wait until my youngest is old enough to attend too.
- Gabriella Monaghan (FUNdamentals)

Yvonne Cameron

instagram yvonnec7

Hero Minds - ADvanced Workshop will PILOT in January 2023.  This workshop is for girls that have attended the Hero Minds FUNdamentals & INNERmediates.

Get ready to transform your daughters mindset to the next level.  
We continue her journey of self discover & self awareness.  She will CONNECT & become ADvanced in her inner knowing, trust in herself and become the next level of her best self. She will learn to master her mind and become more emotional intelligent, while letting go of judgment from herself and other.  

Your daughter will be given cutting edge information on how she can master her mind and become her own creator in life and step into her MASTERPIECE

This is transformational.........